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New tech is bringing drone sports to the masses

09/03/2017 0

Faster, first-person view, better technology and battles with bottle rockets. Oh, and one experiment with a flamethrower. Confused? Don’t be.The short list includes some of

Watch MultiGP Drone Racing live at the First Annual Sebring Drone Race 2017!

27/01/2017 0

This MultiGP sanctioned event has attracted the fastest drone racing pilots in the world, from as far away as South Africa, to the Sebring U.S.

Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 – Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

26/01/2017 0

  Are you looking for camera drones, racing drones, or just more information about drones? Our January 2017 drones for sale guide has the answers.

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