Drone Laws


22/02/2017 0

Some might think there is a wide gulf between unmanned and manned drone pilots, but AOPA believes they are more

Iran bans private drones from skies over Tehran amid security fears

21/02/2017 0

Licences will now only be granted to “relevant bodies and not individuals”, military officials said. The unmanned aerial devices have

New Mexico bill would ban drones near power plants, airports

21/02/2017 0

A New Mexico lawmaker has proposed banning drones from flying within 500

Drone liability – A breakdown


The drones market is soaring. Some have likened the growth of the

N.H. House to Debate Drone Policy


The New Hampshire House will consider more than 50 bills Wednesday ranging,

FAA and Xcel Energy partners up on utility drone technology


Xcel Energy announced today a partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration to

Drone on the war path

15/02/2017 0

A drone recently crashed into a Boeing 737 as it approached a

Helping Municipalities Establish a Safe, Secure Drone Program

15/02/2017 0

If cities are going to have their own fleets of autonomous aircraft,

New bill will prohibit drones flying over private property

15/02/2017 0

People who spoke in opposition to a bill that would limit where drones can fly said they were worried the

Peeping Tom drone caught spying on people in their bedrooms

15/02/2017 0

Early in the morning on Dec. 3, 2016, an Orem man, preparing for his day, looked out his bathroom window

Kenya clears commercial drones for take-off

15/02/2017 0

Kenya has followed the lead of neighbor Rwanda and opened up its

Can I Shoot Down a Drone Flying Over My Property?

15/02/2017 0

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the questions submitted to his staff.

Perth considers drone by law

15/02/2017 0

When they can fly, the skies of Perth may soon see more

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