Drone Laws

Why Drone Regulation Should Be Local, Not Federal

10/03/2017 0

Since Christmas 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued new, burdensome regulations on small recreational and commercial drones, ostensibly because

Nevada legislators want to protect transmission lines from drones

10/03/2017 0

Drone operators: Be careful buzzing around transmission lines. You might be giving lawmakers one more reason to restrict drone movements

Senate advances bill banning drones above private property

09/03/2017 0

The Montana Senate on Wednesday advanced a bill to limit where drones

Drone pilots discuss the need for laws regulating flight

09/03/2017 0

When Cherry Hills Village became one of Colorado’s first cities to enact

Man Arrested for Crashing Drone Through Apartment Window

08/03/2017 0

A drone owner who crashed his flying gadget through the window of

Seattle drone pilot gets jail time

08/03/2017 0

A Seattle man was sentenced to 30 days in jail on Friday

Secure US-Mexico Border with Drone – Possible, This Man Thinks So

07/03/2017 0

Fifteen years ago, Glenn Spencer left behind his California life– and eventually

Bill give civil immunity to those who destroy drones over private property

06/03/2017 0

A bill headed to the Senate floor would make property owners who destroy drones flying over their land immune from

What you need to safely (and legally) fly your own drone

05/03/2017 0

Since August 2016, consumer drone use has been under a detailed set of FAA laws. This is a minor problem

Drone resisters acquitted

05/03/2017 0

  The group UpstateDroneAction.org released a statement Friday morning: “Four drone resisters,


22/02/2017 0

Some might think there is a wide gulf between unmanned and manned

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