Drone Laws

Drone Could Send You to the Slammer Even When the FAA Says It’s OK

29/03/2017 0

You may want to think twice about where you fly a drone the next time you travel across the U.S.

Drone legislation expected to breeze through state Senate

23/03/2017 0

With state-level guidelines for Federal Aviation Administration rules settled, legislation that would regulate state use of drones could soar toward

How new drone rules bring order to chaotic pastime

23/03/2017 0

They have been seen peeping into the windows of high-rise apartments, crashing

Ottawa drone can still fly within new rules

20/03/2017 0

Ottawa drone users say new rules the federal government introduced last week

New drone restrictions don’t fly with hobby shop owner

19/03/2017 0

New restrictions on flying recreational remote controlled aircraft go too far and

New Regulations For Drone Operators – A Challenge

18/03/2017 0

A local drone enthusiast applauds new restrictions put in place this week

Canada making it hard for you to use your drone for recreational use

17/03/2017 0

Canada is bringing in strict measures for the recreational use of drones,

Privacy laws won’t necessarily protect you from spying drones

16/03/2017 0

While currently there are laws to protect individuals against people spying or

Different drone laws trigger confusion and calls for uniformity

14/03/2017 0

INCONSISTENT drone laws have created a confusing situation for recreational users– who could find themselves facing fines in one state

Senate’s drone hysteria would ban Amazon and UPS drone deliveries in Montana

13/03/2017 0

Montanans anticipating the day when their medicine, packages or even a pizza will be delivered via drone are in for

An FAQ on FAA registrations and more

13/03/2017 0

Here are some answers to common questions about federal rules for everyone

Do you own a drone in Dubai? Here are the new rules

12/03/2017 0

Drone users caught flying without a valid license could be slapped with

Police chief discusses benefits of drones

11/03/2017 0

Branson city officials began discussions regarding the benefits of drone for city

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