Drones Take Off In Gaylord

Commercial drone use is taking off and on Saturday, kids from Sibley County are learning what the buzz is all about.

“We are putting on a drone fundraiser to bring kids in to learn how to run the drones. They’re learning the dos and do n’ts of the drones because they’re becoming more and more popular,” said Event Organizer Dana Candella with Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce.

Certified Drone Pilots taught children safety procedures before letting them operate two types of drones.

“Always watch your drone, know where your drone is. I tell people to talk to their neighbors just so they’re aware that they’re flying so it doesn’t make anyone nervous,” said Drone Pilot James Kantor.

Through lots of trial and error, participants quickly got the hang of flying.

“You make sure that it goes up a certain distance and that it doesn’t crash immediately. Eventually you figure out, ‘oh okay, it goes this way … Oh okay, I want it to be going that way,'” said Participant Blake Casey.

Drones are more than just a toy. Professionals say drones are being used to help law enforcement catch criminals and for farmers to watch and improve their crops.

“It will help people realize and get the word out that drones aren’t all bad. We need to change that around and make a positive spin. It’s something kids can help with every day,” said Kantor.

And when it comes to exposing kids to potential career options, the sky’s the limit.

“We’re bringing kids out to show them that there’s a plethora of stuff out there to do. What career will that push them to in the future if this is something that they enjoy? Technology is definitely creating new jobs every day,” said Candella.

All proceeds for the event go toward the Gaylord Extravaganza which will happen in August.

If you missed today’s event, the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce plans to host another drone day in the coming months. For more information, click here.

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