Drone Steals Mans Dog in Park As Man Stands Helpless – Dog Still Missing – Police Baffled

Alabama, USA. 29 March 2015.

Border Terrier 300x240 - Drone Steals Mans Dog in Park As Man Stands Helpless - Dog Still Missing - Police Baffled

Pepsi the dog. Still missing.

Drone Steals Mans Dog in Park As Man Stands Helpless – Dog Still Missing – Police Baffled

While out walking his beloved dog and kemosabe in the local park near his home, Steve Ruxley’s dog was stolen or “dognapped” right in front of his very eyes by a rogue drone. Steve says he watched helplessly while the multi rotor drone hovered above his dog and released a net that then swooped up his dog and promptly flew off. “At first I just thought it was someone nearby flying a drone as had seen they were gaining popularity amongst enthusiasts and hobbyists and there were other people in the park.” Says Steve from Alabama who was out walking their dog around the local municipal park. “I was watching from a distance and at first it was just hovering above Pepsi (dogs name) who was just sat there watching it, but then when I saw that a net was released over him from under the drone, which he became entangled in as the drone pulled up and then swooped him up and carried him away!” exclaims Steve who promptly rang the police and tearfully reported the dognap.

Asked what kind and size of dog it was and more details about the drone, Steve has said his dog is a “small Border Terrier of mixed sandy and dark colours.” And that “Pepsi was only about 5 months old, but she was one of the family already. My little daughter is absolutely devastated and I feel sickened by this act and completely flabbergasted at the whole experience. Why would someone do that!? I tried to follow the drone but it was too fast and flew very far away over the trees and houses and we couldn’t see it after about 10 seconds. Unbelievable!” exclaims Steven, a car salesman from Alabama, Huntsville.

An Alabama policeman said “This is a first for us, the first dognap by drone that we’ve had yet. We hope this doesn’t happen again but will do everything we can to find the “dognappers” and bring them to justice and to return Pepsi the Border Terrier to its rightful owners.” According to the owner who was not able to take any photos of the event the drone was not your normal sized quadcopter but was large with 8 blades and a big frame underneath and what looked like what could be a camera and a ball of something that turned out to be a net. The net was released over the dog and the drone began to pull up ensnaring and capturing the dog within it before it started to climb and fly away over the tree line and out of sight.

We’ve heard of drones being used to find stray dogs but they are strictly controlled, regulated and operated by the associating agencies for domestic animal protection. And we’ve even heard of owners using drones to relocated and find their own missing dogs. And there is even talk about drones walking dogs or “dog walking drones” being a thing of now rather than something out of the Back To The Future II movie. We know that dog theft does happen but we’ve never seen a drone steal someone’s dog in this way.

Police believe that it is the work of professionals because there is a big risk in the drone crashing or grounding itself if things go wrong which would mean loosing the drone and leading potential leads back to the owner/operator. Either that or it was a one off for some other reason. We can only hope. So far Pepsi the dog has not been found. Police are still searching.

For us this is a first too but not the first time we’ve seen drones use nets. Did you know that there are drone interceptor drones? Drones that catch drones. Check out the net carrying bully drone. Drone Interceptor MP200 is designed to autonomously capture smaller UAV’s like drones and quadcopters etc by snaring them in a net. Justs check out the Interceptor video on YouTube. Perhaps this is the type of drone that was used to dognap little Pepsi. The MP200 drone is certainly more than capable of lifting a small animal.

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  1. April 04, 00:52 Apple King

    Uh hello haven’t you seen the beer delivery drone that can deliver crates of chilled bear to thirsty ozies downunder in the Australian desert quickly so they can keep going?

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  4. March 30, 23:06 Bodus Twinkle

    Hmm well its certainly possible. Some animals are just dumb though and will just sit there in fear and curiosity. The net could have been strapped up but theres no guarantee that it would snare the object/animal and not crash-by-entanglement itself! But wasn’t a farmers cow cownapped by a drone the other day too? Those drones got some front.

  5. March 30, 22:37 Will G

    Yeah as a builder of multi-rotors I call BS, First capturing such a intelligent target would be nearly impossible with out some kind of cartoonish net gun and To have any endurance carrying a significant and unstable load The Multi-Rotor is going to be Massive (see the Hobby King Beer Lift entries)

  6. March 30, 05:01 Julius James III

    I’m calling BS. Someone sold Pepsi for some Coke or was sick of cleaning up dog shit and piss all day.

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