Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 – Top Rated Quadcopters Deals


Are you looking for camera drones, racing drones, or just more information about drones? Our January 2017 drones for sale guide has the answers.

Best Drones For Sale

With the increase in the drone market, is the increase the variety of drones available in the market. There are drones available in every possible price range, starting from as cheap as $40 and going as far beyond as $8500 Some are lightweight and durable and come with in-built cameras, ability to mount GoPro, ability to pre-program the flight paths etc. But it all depends on the price range. You get what you pay for. The drones help in making one feel what it’s like to watch the world from above, all the while never even leaving the ground. They help in shooting the bird’s eye view photographs and videos that humans could not, unless hanging down from a parachute. This article will cover flying drones of all price ranges and will cover there usage – flying for fun, flying for photography etc. Below are some of the best RTF (Ready to Fly) and FPV (First Person View) drones for all purposes. 



Priced at less than $100

UDI U818A Camera Quadcopter 

Starting at USD $50

UDI U818A - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

  • 6-axis Gyro stabilization system
  • Flight duration time 7-9 minutes
  • 360 degree flips


The UDI U818A is a ready to fly drone that falls under the low budget range of a mere $50. Given its price, the frame is made up of cheap plastic and is very lightweight. It also comes with an in-built camera that can record HD videos – 640×480 pixels. The recorded videos might not be very clear and can be a lot shaky due to all the vibration that this drone comes up with. UDI U818A can fly for around 8 minutes. It is a great drone for beginners who just want to fly a drone and get started on using drone for photography purposes. Given its low price, it is amazing that it can also take a few bumps but the “few” should not be over-rated given its light frame. The rotors are cheap and can be replaced easily. Also, the frame’s four loop style protects the large rotors in case of crashes. But given its low cost and replaceable equipment, it is a great quadcopter for beginners.Best drones for sale

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Starting at USD $89

BLADE Nano QX RTF - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

  • 2.4 GHz radio controller
  • SAFE technology for stability
  • Powerful brush motors
  • Lightweight frame


Blade’s Nano QX ready to fly is an advanced drone for its price. It is available in the market for about $89. Given its low price, one might think of it as cheap and of low quality, but instead Nano QX RTF comes with a sturdy frame. The frame is lightweight and made of plastic. Being a ready to fly drone, it comes with a 2.4 GHz radio controller. Nano QX ready-to-fly comes with a SAFE technology that allows the drone to take a lot of hits and still be in-tact. Also, if the motors or the main board do sustain some damage, they are easily replaceable for cheap. Nano QX is a great stable and affordable drone. It is designed to be flown indoors but it is flexible enough for some beginner stunt flying. Nano QX is very easy to fly and its tough construction makes the quadcopter last longer even after all the hits and bumps.

Nano QX comes with prop guards which are small pieces of plastic that extend from the frame beyond the rotating propellers. If the drone is about to hit something, the prop guards stop the propellers from hitting it and thus protecting the drone. It comes with about 7 minutes of flying time and can be recharged using a USB charger. The Nano QX controller comes with a two-stick remote control with the aileron control and the rudder, the throttle control and the elevator control. Overall the Nano QX is an amazing quadcopter for its price and is great for fun flying.

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Hubsan X4

Starting at USD $40

Hubsan X4 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals


  • Precision 6 axis gyro
  • 640×480 resolution videos
  • Remote control distance of 50-100 meters
  • Flying time about 7-8 minutes


Hubsan X4 is a palm sized flying drone that comes with a digital speed monitor, an extendable antenna for increased range and two analog sticks. Hubsan X4 has four motors beneath the propellers and is very light-weight in frame. This quadcopter can perform basic stunts such as flipping and sharp turning. Hubsan X4 is a great beginner drone that does not cost a fortune if broken or lost in the woods. Hubsan manages a camera into its palm sized body. The built-in screen allows for easy controlling of the flight. However, the controlling distance is limited i.e. 50-100 meters. Hubsan X4 comes with a 0.3 megapixel camera that manages 640×480 resolution videos. Though it is not high quality, it is clear due to the 6-axis gyro sensitivity for balanced and stable flight. The videos and images can be recorded if an SD card is inserted into the controller. The battery does not last long and the flying time is about 7-8 minutes. It is a low cost FPV – first person view drone which serves the basic function of viewing from above.

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Parrot Rolling Spider

Starting at approx. USD $80


  • Turns 90° and 180°
  • Fitted with a propeller circuit-breaker
  • Embedded vertical mini-camera
  • FreeFlight 3 app for smartphone control


Parrot Rolling Spider - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Rolling Spider is a part of Parrot’s MiniDrones range and is capable of flying indoors or outdoors at the speed of up to 11 mph. Rolling Spider is smartphone controlled by using Bluetooth and is also capable of taking pictures at 300,000 pixel resolution. It can be easily piloted through the smartphone app – FreeFlight 3. The app is iOS , Windows Phone 8.1 and Android compatible. Rolling Spider can easily flip 360 degrees with just a click of a finger and with a simple swipe it can turn 90 and 180 degrees. The Rolling Spider is thus capable of performing amazing acrobatics in the air. It also comes with wheels which can be easily removed. Whe the wheels are attached on either side, it rolls along the ground like a car. It is one of the first drones to fly and roll on the ceiling and is one of the most stable quadcopters in the MiniDrone size and range.

An accelerometer and gyroscope inside this drone measure and analyze its every movement, while the automatic pilot mode corrects the Rolling Spider’s angle and position. The vertical camera takes pictures of a set point on the ground every 16 milliseconds; each photo is then compared to the previous one in order to determine Rolling Spider’s speed. Rolling Spider’s battery lasts for about 8 minutes.

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Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam

Starting at USD $95


  • 1280x720fps videos
  • 4-independent rotor blades
  • 3-axis accelometer corrects drift


Heli Max 1SQ V Cam - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

The Heli-Max V-Cam quadcopter is a beginner’s aircraft for experimenting with aerial photography. It records 1280×720 30fps videos and takes 1MP still photos. One can also use the remote control to start and stop recording. Basic and advanced functions are all performed at the switch of a finger. Flipping the drone is as easy as clicking fingers. It is highly stable for the beginners and has many advanced features for experienced pilots. The Heli Max 1SQ is supplied with LED that lights up the motor pods after dark. It is made up of four independently controlled rotor blades that make flying easy and stable. Another great feature is its 3-axis accelometer that corrects drift and any unwanted movement. It comes with a 2GB micro memory card.

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Priced at USD $100-1000


Starting at USD $600

  • 15-20 minutes flight time
  • Easy assembly
  • Integrated LEDs on arms
  • Payload capacity of 0.8 lbs


3DR IRIS 1 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

3DR’s IRIS+ is a drone camera mount that would make the most of GoPro shots. IRIS+ can be linked to any android device, PC or Mac. IRIS+ can be pre-programmed to fly a particular pattern or follow a particular set of instructions in the sky. IRIS+ comes with the feature of ROI (Region of Interest) Waypoint which shoots the same spot continuously as it moves around the spot, thus providing shots of the same area from different angles. IRIS+ can travel at an amazing speed of 40 miles per hour and can reach distances of up to 3,200 feet. IRIS+ comes ready to fly and does not need any installation or setting up except setting up the propellers. All one needs to do is to mount a camera over the IRIS+ and it is ready to take some spectacular aerial images and videos. The drone has a flight time of about 15-20 minutes, which is comparatively low as compared to other filming drones, but in the RC category, it lies within the average range.

IRIS+ does not come with a built-in camera and the stabilization gimbal is an extra equipment that you will want to purchase for aerial filming. One can also plan the flight path in advance using GPS for the smartphone or one’s desktop. Like many other filming drones, IRIS+ also offers a “Follow me” mode which pairs the drone with the controller’s smartphone or tablet and remains centered and focused on the controller and captures images and videos of the controller from the sky. Follow me feature gives the controller a hands-free experience. IRIS+ also comes with automatic return-to-home feature which lands the drone automatically if the battery of the controller dies or if prompted to do so. The remote controller comes with a screen that provides all the current telemetry and data related to the current flight. IRIS+ offers a 3-month warranty which is a lot more than what other drone providers provide the customers with.

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Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller

Starting at USD $899.95

  • 3-axis sensors
  • 14 megapixel camera
  • Access to Pilot Academy via app
  • 2 joystick controller


Parrot Bebop Drone with Skycontroller1 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Parrot Bebop drone is a complete package of latest drone technology. The Bebop drone comes with 3-axis sensors – accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope. These 3 sensors help in stabilizing the drone aircraft without compromising on maneuverability. Thus, it helps in maintaining a fixed angle regardless of the tilting and the inclination of the drone. The Parrot Bebop also contains an ultrasound sensor with 26-foot reach and comes with a vertical camera to calculate the speed. The Parrot Bebop comes with a 14 megapixel camera and record videos and photographs in a 180 degree field.

The Parrot Bebop comes with a free piloting app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, called the Freeflight 3. It is a user-friendly app that helps in piloting the craft, capturing photos and videos, seeing the telemetry and gives access to Cloud Pilot Academy for instructions. Freeflight 3 gives the pilots one touch change in altitude, speed and directions of the craft. The remote – Skycontroller, comes with two joysticks to control and maneuver the craft and comes with a Wi-Fi and 4 antennas. It can easily be synced with other iOS devices over Wi-Fi.

The Freeflight 3 app is extremely user-friendly and helps in controlling the interface from any iOS device. It is drone beginner-friendly. Also the Parrot Bebop video and photo streaming is synchronized in real-time on your smartphone. One can instantly share one’s captures on Picassa, YouTube or Facebook. The Cloud Pilot Academy keeps track of all the telemetries and flight’s data. It also provides the option of sharing it with other pilots since there are more than 150,000 registered pilots on the app. You can also backup your sessions and other data over the academy.

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TBS Gemini

Starting at USD $600


  • Built-in FPV camera
  • Integrated layout with crash safety


TBS Gemini - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals


The TBS GEMINI is the latest of mini racer multi-rotors. Its forward tilting motors and aerodynamic canopy as well as fully integrated yet modular electronics turn it into a beast that will dominate any race event. It is very sleek and comes with an optional Mobius camera that would be tucked inside the aerodynamic canopy. The aerodynamic canopy helps with the speed along with being stable. Also, all of the 6 motors of TBS GEMINI are tilter forward which makes it more efficient in forward-flight since the drone won’t have to tilt at such a high angle. The flight time for TBS GEMINI is about 10 minutes, which is a lot considering its competitors who run at maximum of 5-7 minutes. One of the best features of TBS GEMINI is Taulabs-Based Flight Control, which is a combination of open pilot, multiwii.

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Walkera Runner 250

Starting at USD $400

  • 250 Size Racing quadcopter
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • HD camera
  • 12-14 minutes flight time
  • Front and back lighting

Walkera Runner 250 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals


Walkera Runner 250 is a supreme flying drone for racing purposes. It comes with the speed of about 35-40 km/hour. Walkera Runner is fitted with an HD camera that transmits real-time images. It also supports Gopro camera for better image capturingand video recording. Walkera Runner’s structure is made up of carbon fiber. Given its price of below $500, Walkera Runner 250 comes with a lot of precision and quality. The remote control has control range of up to 1 km distance and thus helps in flying and racing over larger distances as compared to other flying drones of the same price range. Walkera Runner 250 drone gives one the flexibility to choose from beginner flying to free racing. It also comes with front lamps which supports flying in the dark.

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3DR – Solo

Starting at USD $999

  • Its own 1GHz computer
  • Built-in HDMI port
  • average 20 minutes flight time

3DR SOLO1 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals


3DR’s solo drone is a step ahead in the drone technology with its own 1 GHz computer. This technology provides the control of the drone equipment and camera at the fingertips. The 3DR controller seems natural from the beginning of its flight. The control stick features dedicated buttons for one-touch automatic takeoff, landing and pause. The 3DR comes with a complete camera control that enables you to shoot and capture images like a professional from day one. You can monitor and control the camera by tilting it to any respective angle and controlling its speed. You can also start and stop a GoPro during the flight. All the controlling and monitoring of the camera is possible while you receive live stream of what the drone sees, right in front of you on your connected mobile device.

3DR’s solo remote control has a Wi-Fi hub and a built-in HDMI port to live broadcast the GoPro HD video. 3DR’s technology enables the live streaming to be sent to any screen without compromising on the live HD stream on the mobile device. 3DR has developed the first of its kind drone to be connected to GoPro during flight. The 3-axis gimbal of the 3DR solo ensures the video footage to be stabilized to within 0.1 degrees of accuracy. You can start and stop recording while flying which makes it possible to choose the shots one wants. This greatly reduces the unwanted footage. The solo gimbal also powers the GoPro to power its battery and keep it running even during midflight.

3DR also comes with a pause button which halts the aerial equipment midair and hovers till the controller is ready to fly it again. The remote controller also doubles up as Solo’s black box, which saves valuable flight data in internal memory. 3DR helps in shooting smart shots like selfie, orbit shots or a hands free shot. You can capture a selfie in a portrait or a landscape mode along with capturing the vast world around you. The orbit mode puts the 3DR Solo on a circular path with the pre-set speed to capture dynamic shots. The hands-free mode keeps the 3DR Solo automatically following the controller. This is a great mode to switch to while traveling in a car or any moving vehicle for that matter. This hands-free mode keeps the camera centered on the controller at all times.

3DR or 3D Robotics is an American company, specializing in smart drones, advanced aerial cinema and UAV technology. 3DR solo is the world’s first GoPro optimized drone system. 3DR Solo offers regular software updates which are easy to install. 3DR Solo comes without the gimbal but can be easily purchased as an extra item to capture vibration-free videos. Most of the reviews state that the flight time per flight is an average of 20 minutes. 20 minutes is a pretty good number for the drones as of now. 3DR Solo is very sensitive to magnetic interference and will stop working if there is a magnetic object nearby. So it is advised to stay clear from any magnetic objects. An open field or an open area is one’s best bets for beginner learning of the drone use. 3DR Solo is very user-friendly and the regular updates from the company keep it up-to-date with the latest technological releases.

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Priced at USD $1000 and up

Walkera GPS QR X800

Starting at USD $1700


  • FCS800 Multi Axis Control Platform
  • 2 GPS flight platform
  • Carbon Fiber Structure Design
  • High Performance Brushless Motors


Walkera GPS QR X8001 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Walkera QR X800 is a GPS quadcopter that supports professional level photography as it carries action cameras like GoPro Hero 3, SJ4000 and others. It is extremely portable due to its retractable landing gear and a foldable frame design. One of the best parts about a Walkera QR X800 is its battery power which enables its flying time to be about 40 minutes. X800 is made up of carbon fiber and glass fiber.

One can also connect the X800 to MAVlink compatible software like Mission Planner and thus gaining access to a huge range of options from selecting flight modes to advanced tuning. Also, no set-up is required for X800, as it comes completely installed. The GPS installation in X800 makes it easy for the users to reach where ever they want to and take innumerable shots all the while staying at the ground. With this professional camera mounted drone, there will be no need to rent any more choppers for days to get an aerial shot.

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Starting at USD $8500

  • Comes with MoVI gimbal
  • Suitable for DSLRs
  • Can support camera at top and bottom both
  • 12V Power leads


FREEFLY Alta1 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Freefly’s Alta is an aerial filming equipment that when combined with MoVI gimbal, bolsters the camera either at the top or the bottom of the aircraft’s structure. This flexibility makes it possible to shoot a footage at any angle safely. Alta is even suitable for DSLR’s since the maximum weight load it can mount on itself is 15 lb. Mirrorless cameras and even compact cinema cameras can be propped up on the Alta, given that their weight is less than 15 lb. Alta works with a range of transmitters, ranging from radios, Futaba and even Spektrum. There are certain requirements that need to be taken care of though before setting up the transmitters. Alta comes with a variety of flight modes. Manual, position hold, height hold, ground speed control, auto-land and return-to-home are some of the flight modes that Alta is equipped with. For monitoring purposes, the controller works well with FPV systems from BOSCAM, Skyzone, Fatshark etc. The telemetry data and other information can be displayed on the OSD displays of these FPV systems.

Alta comes with batteries, charger, transmitter, MoVI gimbal and camera. Alta has folding propellers which makes it extremely portable. The propellers are made up of carbon and the carbon propellers allow the Alta to fly in a matter of seconds. The propellers automatically unfold themselves as they spin up to the sky. No tools are required to do any set-up pre-flight. Alta also comes with a vibration isolation system and thus obviates any high frequency disturbances and allows Alta to capture smooth and vibration free footage. Alta’s internal distribution board is conformal coated and is weather sealed. It comes with four 12V power leads that drive the LEDs and connections for FPV monitoring systems. Alta features low noise motors and propellers. Alta app can be used to change the color combination of the LEDs and for logging of telemetries and other related data for analysis.Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 – Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Freefly’s Alta is a new age drone equipment that not only mounts the camera at the bottom but also at the top to take images of elevated subjects. This is what sets it apart from other drones in this price range.

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DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO

Starting at USD $2100

  • Battery reserve for emergencies
  • Foldable propellers
  • Silicone rubber structure
  • In-built centrifugal fan


DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO1 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

The S800 EVO is a drone with camera designed for professional aerial photography. S800 EVO is the perfect choice for professionals as it is highly stable and strong and comes with a powerful battery system. Since it is comes in the area of professional photography, a long battery life is the key. S800 EVO provides a power reserve in cases for emergency. The propellers of the aircraft can be folded, thus enabling safe portability. It also comes with a vibration absorber, thus helping in capturing smooth and vibration free footage.S800 EVO’s structure is made up of silicone rubber wires and is very compact, thus providing more space to install any extra equipment for the aerial projects. One of the best features of S800 EVO is its in-built centrifugal fan that helps in heat dissipation, thus cooling down the heated aircraft and expanding its battery life.

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DJI S1000

Starting at USD $3200


  • Can carry DSLRs
  • Up to 15 minutes of flying time
  • Retractable landing equipment
  • 24 lbs. take-off weight


DJI S10001 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

DJI’s S1000 is the drone for the best aerial footage recording. S1000 is an Octocopter and thus able to carry more weight than a general quadcopter. One can mount professional cameras on the S1000 as it can carry a lot of weight due to it being an Octocopter. Mounting professional cameras will help in capturing best quality footage with just a drone. S1000 though can carry heavy weighted cameras, is itself very light weighed. S1000 is made out of carbon fiber with only a few parts of aluminium and is thus very light. S1000 weighs a mere 8 lbs. but can carry a take-off weight of about 22 lbs.

Because of S1000’s eight rotors, the drone is very stable and can even handle certain levels of aerobatics. This would allow for even more graphically involved filming. S1000 is one that guarantees great shots. If any one of its eight rotors fails during mid-flight, the other seven will continue working and will continue capturing amazing footage and then land soon after. S1000 provides security that even if something goes wrong, the technology will continue working and won’t just stop mid-flight.

S1000 is a professional filming drone but is light weighed and portable enough to be carried along. It comes with foldable arms which neatly lock themselves up in place, making it easy to transport. One of the brilliant features of S1000 is the location of battery. The battery of S1000 is incorporated into the gimbal which reduces the vibration by a great extent. Reducing the vibration is a great way to minimize the retakes of shots due to blurred filming caused by vibration. S1000 comes with a flying time of about 15 minutes.

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Starting at $1,299.00 – $1,449.00

  • UHD resolution
  • 4k video and 12 megapixel photos
  • All-in-one controller
  • Non-distortion lens


TYPHOON Q500 4K1 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Typhoon Q500 is drone with camera that comes with a built-in touchscreen and an integrated three axis gimbal camera. Typhoon Q500 comes with an ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution, which is four times higher than HD. It also allows for slow-motion video recording and can capture 12 megapixel photos. Typhoon Q500 provides 4K video recording feature. Typhoon Q500 4K is modular and can be mounted on both the Steadygrip and the aircraft. The Steadygrip combines the 4K UHD video camera with the 3-axis gimbal and allows for a stable video recording.

Typhoon Q500 comes with a variety of options to choose from for capturing images and videos. “Follow me” mode enables the control of the pilot who can fly and control the aircraft and the capturing easily and flexibly. “Watch me” mode allows for the 4K camera to be pointed at the pilot no matter at which angle the drone is handled. “Dynamic return home” mode allows for the Typhoon Q500 to fly back to the location of the pilot and automatically lands within 13-25 feet of the pilot.

Typhoon Q500 comes with an all-in-one controller called the ST10+. It is a transmitter of commands and receiver of the footage and other commands from the aircraft. ST10+ allows capturing videos and photos and features a 5.5 inch touch screen that displays the flight telemetry and other related information. The 5.5 inch touch screen obviates the need of any external portable screens or devices.

The intelligent 3-axis gimbal along with the camera and video downlink is an innovative combination that allows for tilt angle direction from the ST10+ and captures the world from above as a bird or a plane. It is referred to as a tripod in the sky. It also features a distortion free lens that allows the capturing of the beautiful world just as it is and without any distortions.

The screen on the ST10+ provides real time telemetry data like altitude, speed, distance from the pilot, battery status, GPS position coordinates etc. It also provides for manual alterations of camera settings like exposure, white balance, ISO, shutter speed etc. The Typhoon Q500 comes with a 5400mAh 3S 11V Lipo battery that allows for extended flight time.

The CGO3 mobile app when downloaded on any device helps in customizing one’s photographs and videos. It allows for real time uploading and broadcasting on YouTube. The app also allows the SteadyGrip to shoot videos, capture images and control the gimbal. There are several updates that one can upgrade to, to get latest technological advancements.Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 – Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Typhoon Q500 is one of the best drones available in the market for filming and photography purposes. The excellent 4K camera and non-distortion lens are a boon to any photographer.

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Walkera QR X900

Starting at approx. $4400

  • Change 6-axis to 4-axis and vice versa
  • Parachute safety system
  • Intelligent security protection system
  • Portable design


Walkera QR X900 - Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 - Top Rated Quadcopters Deals

Walkera QR X900 is considered to be a best choice for aerial photography. It has been designed from the photography point of view. QR X900 is compatible with and supports various cameras and gimbals. It is equipped with professional flight control system. The control system is such that it is highly stabilized even in turbulent conditions or during a high speed flight. One of the best features of QR X900 is its controllable auto-rotation support. If due to an accident one of the six-axis is damaged and its motor stops functioning, the aircraft will then keep the flying attitude and land safely soon after. It is thus highly controllable which reduces the risk of crash.

Another amazing feature is that of a parachute. If the aircraft control gets out of hand and the inclination reaches 80 degree, the parachute is automatically opened by the protection system. If there is any other emergency, the parachute can also be opened manually in order to safely land the aerial equipment along with photographic equipment.

QR X900 comes with high performance brushless motors that improve the stability of the video shooting and reduces any vibration caused by the flying aircraft and ensures stabilized image output. One can also freely choose from a 4-axis or 6-axis motor propellers. It is very easy to switch between either axes. The flight time is longer with 4-axis at about 25 minutes. QR X900 is very easy to operate and is portable due to its foldable design. Its modular design greatly improves the functioning of the main control system, gimbal, GPS and other parts.

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So now what ?

Market is full of flying drones satisfying various capacities of photography, delivery services, flying for fun or racing. The most common quadcopters comes with an in-built camera and are GPS equipped. It is a very competitive market and choosing the right drone can be a difficult task for a beginner. Drones are expensive except the below $100 range, but they are good for beginners due to their low price. They are also not very stable when it comes to image capturing or flying for racing purposes. However, the next price range drones comes with stabilized system and good framework which improves their flying stability. The mid-price range drones also come with in-built cameras, though their megapixels and quality might not be very good for the price. The last and the high price range drones come with excellent safety features like that of parachute safety system, or controlled motors even after rotor failure. They might also be equipped with Gopros. The flying time also varies depending on the quality of the drone. The low price range drones have flying times of 5-7 minutes whereas the high price range drones have flying times of 20-25 minutes.

Drones or quadcopters are trending gadgets in today’s electronic industry. Its uses have been diverse – from capturing aerial images of an erupting volcano, analyzing the speed of the winds inside a hurricane, dropping of mails and packages via Amazon, flying for fun and racing, using it for aerial photography in general or the Army using the drones to capture targets. The diverse uses also come with a lot of responsibility. One needs to make sure that using a quadcopter does not invade anyone’s privacy or create nuisance in someone else’s life. But overall, its uses are far more than the disadvantages.Best Drones For Sale & Why 2017 – Top Rated Quadcopters Deals


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