Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Are you mesmerized by the sight of tiny drones buzzing in the air without any human intervention? Well, these petite objects are capable of doing wonders for you! Ranging from taking drone selfies to monitoring wildlife and delivering parcels, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can certainly assist you in your everyday chores at home and work. Drones have made the impossible possible and have successfully expanded the horizons of some tasks, such as photography. Now you can explore the unchartered territory with the help of your personal drone and take unlimited pictures of the valleys and hills you only saw in Geography books or on National Geographic. Yes, you heard it right: your personal drone! One of the most exciting features of some of the more high-end drones is their ability to offer first-person view (FPV), i.e. live streaming of your flight footage directly to your mobile device. Some drones can now be controlled partially via mobile apps, so the app on your phone/tablet will display actually what your camera on the drone is seeing. A drone can surely give you a real-time experience of sweeping through the air!

Is the idea of owning a d­rone making you hyperventilate? Are you intrigued by the idea of controlling this tiny piece of “coolness” in the air? Undoubtedly, drones are quite a sensation among kids and in adults these days, and it is mandatory for you to invest in this amazing technology that is capable of altering the way you work. With the diversity of the tasks performed by drones, they are certainly going to become an inevitable part of life shortly. So, the time has arrived for you to make a wise investment and take it to the skies! And if you’re worried about not being able to afford a drone, take a deep breath: efficient drones with some fascinating features come within USD200!

Though there is a wide variety of drones available in the market, the following 10, under USD200, are the best for beginners. When you’re first learning how to fly, there are certain rigs that are important for developing your skills. The shortlisted drones below come with cameras, FPV capability and other cool features that are fun for any pilot to fly.

Holy Stone F180c

This is an amazing drone for beginners, offering a plethora of interesting features. This sweet beginner comes with a 1280*720 pixel photo/video camera offering a decent picture quality for the price you pay, and its controller has a LED screen for keeping track of flight telemetry data i.e. battery percentage, etc. these images/videos are stored on the 2GB SD card priced at $70.0 only, this drone offers a flight time of 15 minutes, which is longer than that offered by other drones in this price range. Owing to its small size, it can be used indoors while it is also compatible for outdoor flights.

Holy Stone F180c - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Holy Stone F180c

6-Axis Gyro Control System

Equipped with the newest 6-axis gyro control system, this quadcopter is the most reliable and the easiest to fly around. 6-axis gyro stabilization provides faster correction of altitude displacement than a 3-axis system. Moreover, three additional accelerometers installed in this system sense and automatically compensate for unguided movement in the three dimensions. Thus, this little drone can resist flipping and be blown about by sudden, strong wind gusts. Accidental crashes to the ground are also a rarity with a 6-axis quadcopter.

This fast, durable and light drone offers you different sensitivity modes that are quite helpful for anyone new: you can work your way up from slow, easy controls to more precise and fast ones. You can choose the required sensitivity from these modes: 25%, 50%, 70% and 100%. The 25% sensitivity mode is best suited to beginners as it lets you fly your device slowly while you learn how to pilot your drone.

The drone is equipped with four brushless engines featuring the coreless technology that prevents them from being overheated after flying for an extended period. The whole ensemble is powered by a 3.7 350 mAh battery that allows the drone to fly for up to 15 minutes.

Regarding the A/V capabilities, the Holy Stone F180c mini drone is rigged with a 2-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor, which sports out a 6p lens and includes the Phase-Detection Auto-Focus Technology that ensures the crystal clear quality of the pictures even at fast flying speeds. The mini drone is featured with four flying modes to enable 360 degrees flipping and to hover from front, back, left and right. It also comes with 12 propellers with an extra battery unit to allow extended flying time. It also employs a 2.4 GHz Auto-Connection Technology that won’t interfere with other drones in your vicinity. 


Other Features and Specs

  • one-key return home feature
  • night lights
  • headless mode
  • 3D Rolls
  • Throttle limit model
  • 4 GHz 4Ch remote control that cuts down on interference
  • Additional Holy Stone f180c mini battery for more fun
  • Charging time 45 minutes
  • Good spare part availability in case you damage something


This mini-drone with its sturdy frame and exquisite features is the perfect machine both for beginners and experienced pilots. If you’re in search of a reliable quadcopter with good controls, excellent features, and sleek design, then Holy Stone F180c is a good choice.

Holy Stone HS110W

This is a high-quality quadcopter from Holy Stone, offering more extras than you could probably think of. Available in two chic colors, black and green, this machine features the standard 6-axis gyro stabilization system, LEDs for more convenient orientation, onboard camera, headless mode air-pressure based altitude hold, automatic takeoff and landing and one-button flips. And if you’re wondering if you can control this drone with your smartphone or tablet, HS110W comes with FPV, therefore allowing you to stream your flight in real time.

The stability offered by this mini-drone in only $99.0 is stunning-you can just put aside the transmitter and HS110W will stay planted in the air. This is a unique feature in this affordable mini-drone.

And guess what? FAA registration is also not required for this mini 32centimteres*32centimeters drone as it weighs less than 100 grams. The quadcopter is capable of taking both indoor and outdoor flights, and the four sensitivity modes offered by this machine make it a suitable choice both for beginners and expert pilots. Even as a beginner, you can master the art of flying by applying the slow, easy mode. Moreover, for indoor flights, low modes are perfect while high (expert) modes are best-suited for outdoor flights. This light weight, tiny and shiny quadcopter can mesmerize you with its capacity for taking a 100 meters long flight and can fly just as high too.

The most salient feature of this machine is the quietness with which it operates-you does not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with your fancy quadcopter. The mini drone’s propellers are gear driven, and the motors are the brushed coreless type. With an operating time of up to 9 minutes, this astounding drone is all you need to revel in the ‘coolness’ of the drone-world. This device comes with a gravity sensor along with a headless mode function RTF. If you are wondering what exactly is meant by the headless mode, then continue reading! We have it all explained here. In simple terms, headless mode is a method implemented on a drone that relieves pilots of the stress regarding the orientation of the drone. The functioning of this mode is pretty easy: before taking off, you’re required to ensure that you have positioned the drone in such a manner that its front is your front. In the headless mode, the forward-backward-left-right stuck movements will be interpreted on the quadcopter’s power on orientation. That’s all! Now you can stop worrying about the orientation of your machine altogether. Headless mode is one of the best features that helps make flying easy and simple for beginners and trainees. So, if you’re new to flying, HS110w is undoubtedly the best quadcopter for you. 

Holy Stone HS110W - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Holy Stone HS110W


The amazing altitude hold function offered by this machine ensures that when you release the stick, the drone stays hovering at the current height. Also, with APP control you can conveniently activate multiple functions such as the Gravity Sensor mode to complete the flight motions by moving and holding your smartphone accordingly. The battery is a 3.7 volt, 650 mAhlipobattery built in the drone. And this machine saves you from the hassle of going through intricate charging processes to charge your drone. HS110w is Integrated with a USB power charge port so that you can simply charge the batteries without removing them. The charging time is approximately 60 minutes.

6-Axis Gyro stability offered by this quadcopter offers extra stability for easy handling, and 360 degrees flips. 2.4G Technology makes it possible for several modes to be played simultaneously without any interference.

The machine comes with a 720p, 2-megapixel camera, allowing the drone to capture stunning high-quality aerial images. The pictures and videos can either be stored on the 4GB  MicroSD Card installed in the drone or can be sent directly to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. It is also equipped with LED navigation lights and remote control indicator flights for excellent orientation in the night sky. Pilots can see where their machine is.

The transmitter installed in this machine is completely user-friendly with a tiny but clear LCD screen. It is a full sized unit upgraded with an interference-free 2.4 GHz technology. So you can only fly around other drones without any issue! Only make sure that you bind the quadcopters and the transmitter one at a time. The mode two transmitter with the throttle stick on the left has an admirable range of 100 to 120 meters while the video range is approximately 50 meters. As the mini drone makes use of 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum technology, it will automatically shut down on going beyond the range.The recommended minimum age for quadcopter is 14 years. So, start saving up for your fourteenth birthday! This easy-to-operate, user-friendly device is one of the best for beginners of all ages.

Features and Specs

  • Headless mode
  • One key return home
  • Operating time 7-9 minutes
  • Charging time 60 minutes
  • Video transmission range up to 50m
  • Drone dimensions 12.6*12.6*2.6 inches
  • 4GB Micro-SD card
  • Four spare propellers
  • 2.4G 4CHANEL 6-axis Gyro Technology
  • Altitude Hold


SYMA is once again reiterating their quadcopters and X8HG is the latest product launched by them. It is an upgrade of the X8G series and is essentially provided with an HD camera, flip mode, headless mode and Aerial Hold, which makes it perfect for aerial photography and videography. These added features make it appropriate for use by beginners, trainees, and experts who want to experience the ultimate joy of flying.

This machine comes with supercool features, such as blade protector. It is a highly elastic plastic protective circle that plays a key role in enhancing anti-collision, anti-fall performance of the machine. This feature prevents the blades from hitting birds or striking against walls or curtains and hurting people.

Although this model has no wifi connection, yet the camera specs and other astounding features offered by this machine make it suitable for beginners. Want to record some breathtaking aerial footage? The 8 MP camera records in two HD modes-720p and 1080p. Thus, the list of features offered by this quadcopter is endless!

SYMA X8HG - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD


Enhance your flying experience with the headless mode offered by this quadcopter, which relieves you of the stress of constantly adjusting and readjusting your machine in the air. There is also a low and a high-speed mode for beginners and experts respectively. The presence of these modes also make the drone suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights,

It is also equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope for maximum flight stability. Apart from this, good weather conditions make it even easier, and fun to fly this machine, as long as the battery is fully charged you can enjoy impressive speeds and quick responses as you steer the quadcopter, record videos, capture pictures and perhaps even strafe the local wildlife. Photos and videos, stored in the internal Micro card can be exported to a PC.

One of a fascinating features offered by this machine is the altitude barometer, which usually comes in more expensive models of quadcopters. This hover feature sets the drone in a stationary hover. Altitude holds functions by monitoring the air pressure with the help of a barometric pressure sensor and uses this information to hold your quadcopter at a specific air pressure. This is done by automatically adjusting the throttle to keep the quad at the required pressure value which corresponds to its altitude.

The transmitter installed in this device is easy-to-use and operates at 2.4 GHz frequency. Through the buttons on the transmitter, you can perform some tasks such as turn on or off drone functions, alter its yaw rate to make it go faster or slower, take pictures and record videos with the SD card. A great feature of this transmitter is the built-in phone holder that allows the pilot to place his smartphone and watch live video from the app. It also contains LED lights to assist in flying the quadcopter in the night sky.

Syma x8HG is a well-built, reliable and affordable quadcopter that is fast, impressively responsive and user-friendly for beginners and intermediate pilots. Equipped with a good quality GoPro-style sports camera and a flight time of 5-7 minutes, it is one of SYMA’s best products.

Specs and features

  • Battery 7.4V 2000 mAh
  • Charging time 100 minutes
  • Control distance 70m
  • Product size 50*50*19cm
  • 1080p video recording
  • 720p camera

Hubsan H107D

Also known as X4 FPV, this machine is one of Hubsan’s latest mini quadcopter. It is an upgraded, improved version of all the Hubsan’s previous drones and features some new technologies and advancements. More importantly, it offers a live video feed to the 3.4 inches color screen installed into the controller. Thus, this FPV technology gives it an edge over other drones in the same price range. The quad itself is minuscule, with a propeller guard that assists in learning to fly the copter.

Hubsan H107D is a beginner-friendly, affordable quadcopter having a flight time of approximately seven minutes on a single charge. With its amazing FPV system and an unbelievably long range of 100 meters, this quad is worth every penny! Owing to its simple and user-friendly features, X4 is relatively easy to pilot in the air even for absolute beginners. Moreover, this quad, known for its resilience and durability, thus, along with its low price, is sure the best drone for beginners.

Hubsan H107D - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Hubsan H107D


Hubsan X4 has a great design: with its two flashy LED lights on the front, it looks like a monster all set to rip through the air. The two front propellers are white while the rear ones are red. This does not only serve as an admirable contrast but also helps you when you are changing your props. Though the quad seems tiny and fragile, its strength is astounding. You can even crash it a few times before the machine disintegrates! Isn’t that a treat for all you beginners out there wanting a durable quad at an affordable price? Weighing only 35 grams, this machine is also highly maneuverable. The 0.3-megapixel camera installed in the machine may not appear exciting, but the FPV system totally covers up for the picture quality.  The video is recorded in AVI format in 640*240, so a suitable video converter is required to watch it on a PC.

Also, the quad features a 4-channel, 2.4GHz transmitter having a range of up to 328′, depending on weather conditions. The transmitter comes with a 4.3 LCD screen that enables you to monitor real-time videos from FPV camera and displays important flight telemetry data to keep you updated with what is happening in the air. Last but not the least, there’s an option for setting the 5.8GHz video transmission frequency. This change is relayed to the quadcopter via the 2.4 GHz RC link immediately. Which is not only amazing but also makes switching to a free channel pretty easy.The quad also contains 4 LED lights to maximize the fun of piloting the machine in the night sky.

Its flight management panel is created with the most up-to-date features such as six-axis flight handle platform provided with a replaceable sensitive gyroscope. You have the choice of selecting the newbie flight settings if you are a beginner or professional settings in case you are a skilled pilot.

Hubsan H107D is a great multi-rotor quadcopter for acquiring the skill of flying. It’s inexpensive for kids and amateurs who want to buy their first drone. And the good news is that the spares are readily available!

Specs and Features

  • Motor: 0820 Coreless
  • Rubber feet
  • Transmitter: 2.4 GHz 4 channels vs. 4.3in LCD screen
  • Battery: 3.7v 380mAh lipo battery with auto cut off Safety PCB
  • Charging time: approx.. 30 minutes
  • Flying time: approx.. 7 minutes
  • 6-axis flight control system with gyro sensitivity
  • Permits both indoor and outdoor flights

Sky Viper v2400

Take to the skies with this amazing machine from sky viper: a complete mini FPV quadcopter package with a sleek transmitter design and nifty features. This fourth generation drone has been refurbished with all the latest Flight Assist features including Auto Launch, Auto Hover, and Auto Land. These features leverage Avionics Technology for performance, stability, and precision to make flying easy even for beginners. 

Capture high flying stunts in 720p high resolution with the v2400HD Streaming Video Drone.  The built-in camera records 640-by-480 (VGA) stills and videos, which can easily be triggered with the right shoulder buttons on the remote control. Experience each aerial journey first-hand with the FPV headset, which allows you to watch videos from the machine’s point of view.

Sky Viper v2400 - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Sky Viper v2400

 An extra feature offered by this machine is that it permits you to attach your device to the controller by making use of the phone clip, making the flying experience more vibrant and enjoyable. And guess what is the most appealing feature offered by this user-friendly drone by Sky Viper? You can mesmerize your friends and family by executing eight cool stunts like flips, barrel rolls, spirals, spins and much more with just one touch! Extra features including auto shutdown, improved flight range, extended battery timing and persistent trim memory make the budget-friendly price tag even more attractive. Owing to the viperflight+ firmware, you can enjoy a fast, responsive and easy-to-control flight.

Not only does this machine offer exquisite features, but it also has a lightweight, multi-layered Duraflex composite body that gives the drone added reliability. The drone is capable of making both indoor and outdoor flights.

Specs and Features

  • FPV Headset
  • 650 mAh 3.7V lithium-polymer battery
  • Flight simulator app
  • Recommended for ages 12 years and above
  • Does not require FAA Registration

Undoubtedly this durable, responsive and sleek machine from sky vision, offering a plethora of intriguing features is the best choice for beginners, intermediate pilots, and experts.


An affordable quadcopter with great specifications and a variety of exciting features for beginners as well as expert pilots!

Are you looking for an affordable machine possessing exciting specs that’ll make flying easy for you as a beginner? Well, WLTOYS V686G is the one for you! With its medium-sized body, red and black propellers and bright LED lights, this quad is a wise choice.

Apart from the common flight features such as rising, descending, turning left or right smoothly, this quad is capable of hovering, flipping, rolling and crabbing, all of which can help pilots capture untouchable perspectives. When flying in the wrong direction, the copter can quickly correct its altitude as it makes use of flight control system with six-axis gyro.

What’s more, WLTOYS 686G supports the superb headless mode. Conventionally, the flying direction has to be consistent with the nose. However, with this mode, flying direction is independent of the nose, and the exciting part resides in the fact that you’re allowed to relive your childhood experiences such as missile launcher, water cannon and bubble blower with this copter.

WLTOYS V686G - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD



Also, v686G equips a sleek transmitter that supports 2.4+5.8 GHz wireless image transmission. The transmitter is also provided with a special monitor and an LCD with telemetry feature. The screen allows the monitor to enjoy the first person view photography. Moreover, the LCD screen proves useful in displaying vital flight data like battery voltage, altitude, temperature, GPS, etc. ensuring complete flight safety.

Possessing a 2.0-megapixel camera, this copter is capable of capturing awe-inspiring aerial footage. The pictures and videos are stored in a 2.0 GB Micro SD card.The flight time offered by the machine is 8-10 minutes with a fully charged battery along with a control distance pf 150 meters. The entire quad is powered by a 3.7V 780 mAh battery. 

Included in v686G features is the excellent one key to return function that enables the quad to return to its starting point. Since it does not possess GPS, the machine makes use of the directional system to return to the original position, which means that it flies in the opposite direction to the flight.  V686G’s frequency connection to the transmitter is of 2.4GHz, which does not interfere with the; live video transmission functioning at a much higher frequency of 5.8GHz. Thanks to its resilience and stability, the copter is capable of taking both indoor and outdoor flights.

Specs and features

  • 2.0MP HD camera
  • LED Lights
  • 2.4G transmitter/ easy adjust frequency
  • One key to return function
  • 6-axis gyro quad
  • FPV monitor
  • 360 degrees stunt
  • Headless mode
  • Range: 150m

V686G is one of the finest and the cheapest quadcopter offering FPV for beginners. It is easy-to-operate and allows an enjoyable flying experience.

Sky Vision V950HD

If you’re a beginner having a knack for crashing a lot, then this machine is the one for you! With its flexible Duraflex body and a sturdy design, v950 is capable of withstanding accidents and crashes.

The 720p camera installed below the central body of the copter is capable of capturing high-quality aerial footage. The camera, operating at an appreciable resolution of 1280*736 pixels, can capture minute details fairly well. With an adjustable camera system, this machine is more flexible when it comes to camera view control. A micro SD card (up to 32GB) plugs into the camera to store the HD videos. The v950’s controller is a small device comprising of two control sticks surrounded by trim buttons, a single power button, and a slider to set the sensitivity of the controller. The drone can be put into the stunt mode simply by pressing a single shoulder button. The controller and drone communicate over a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. The distinguishing feature of this machine is its ability to capture full 360 degrees panoramic view with the push of just one button. Moreover, with easy one-touch stunt feature, this machine can easily perform barrel rolls in mid-flight by simply tapping the stunt button.

Sky Vision V950HD - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Sky Vision V950HD

Although video drones are more about stability than speed, this drone amazingly features both speed and stability at an affordable price. There are three flight mode settings offered by the machine: beginner, intermediate and expert. The sensitivity of the controls rather than the speed of the drone is affected by changing these flight modes.

Each arm of the copter contains a LED light-greens for the front arms, reds for the back. A set of included rotor protectors snap into the motor housing and serve to protect the rotor blades in crashes. With its four blades, this copter is pretty to pilot in the air and has unbelievable stability. 

For the price, the drone is fun for beginners

Specs and Features:

  • Camera system: Adjustable HD SkyPro
  • Flight range: 200 feet
  • Charging time: up to 90 minutes
  • Flight time: approx.. 9 minutes
  • Transmission via 2.4 GHz channel
  • 1-touch panoramic video capture
  • Stunt button for rolls and flips


H26D is among the few Toy-Grade Drones with in an affordable price range to have their 3 megapixel camera. While most of the Toy drones have a 0.3MP, 1 MP OR 2MP camera, JJRC pushed the game quite further by installing a 3MP camera in their drone with 120 degrees field of view. With its supreme picture quality, this machine is capable of satisfying drone enthusiasts in search of a low-budget, good aerial footage drone. Apart from the FDV and 3MP, this machine is also provided with its own 2 Axis Gimbal capable of tilting upward, downward, left or right simply by the push of a single button on your RC controller. This feature serves to enhance the photography and videography experience allowed by this machine by enabling the pilots to acquire different angles while capturing pictures and recording videos.

JJRC is exceptionally good at manufacturing low-cost, affordable drones with an astounding control range. H26D also comes with an amazing control range of 300 meters, a feature that distinguishes it from other quadcopters in this price range. A range of 300 meters is more than enough for any drone enthusiast who wants to relish their flight experience until they lose sight of their machine.

JJRC H26D - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD


Besides the usual LED lights for safe flights in the night-sky and 360 degrees aerial stunt feature, JJRC H26D also includes Headless Mode so that the drone’s turning will be more logical and convenient for beginners. The machine also features one-key return: a feature that enables the drone to return to the pilot by just the push of a button. Given the incredibly long range of the drone, these two features are exceptionally useful, ensuring that you do not lose your drone once it flies past your range of view.

Powered by a 7.4V 1.2mAh 30C LiPo battery, the drone offers a flight time of seven minutes. The charging system is quite simple and hassle-free: plug in the battery to your computer via USB charger and quickly charge your H26D. It is also resistant to most common crashes as it is equipped with ABS plastic protective frames along with a strong landing gear which does not break or bend easily.

If your love for drones is coupled with your craze for photography and videography, but you want to master the art of flying, then this drone is undoubtedly the best choice for you. This affordable machine is a complete package for beginners, offering a wide range of amazing features at an exceptionally low price.

Specs and features

  • 3.0MP wide angle camera
  • 2-Axis Adjustable Gimbal
  • One-key-return function
  • Headless mode
  • 6-axis gyro
  • 3D Tumbling
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Flight time: 6-7 minutes
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz

Parrot AR Drone quadcopter 2.0

The AR. Drone features two built-in cameras, is easy to fly and can resist common crashes owing to its sturdy design. If you want a cool flying toy capable of taking good quality pictures and videos and making you feel like a gadget-genius for piloting it only with your mobile device, the Parrot AR. Drone is a dream toy.

As this machine totally depends on an Android or Ios device connected to a wifi hotspot the drone generates, it does not come with its controller. Controlled via an app, there is a variety of touchscreen-based command options available. You can use your smartphone’s accelerometer to move the drone forward, backward, left or right. An emergency button is included in all control setups.

Parrot AR Drone quadrocopter 2.0 - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Parrot AR Drone quadrocopter 2.0

The drone comes with a durable foam cover that helps safeguard its propellers and internal hardware against any physical damage. The ensemble is supported by a 1000mAh battery that allows a flight time of 8 to 10 minutes. Moreover, if you’re looking for a sturdy machine with a high-quality aerial footage available at an affordable price, then this is the way to go. The drone captures pictures and records videos in 720p. The mobile app handles and stores all the pictures or videos you record, and automatically saves them in your smartphone, as the drone does not have any onboard storage.

Both were flying and shooting movies and taking pictures is pretty intuitive with this machine. The drone does a remarkable job of staying stable in the air, hovering consistently in a fixed spot when you’re not controlling it. Moreover, the drone automatically shuts down when it crashes, saving you from the hassle of replacing damaged parts in most cases.

As a beginner, you are going to crash your drone a dozen times! Thus this simple machine with interesting, easy-to-use features and a sleek, stealthy design is the best choice for you.

Specs and features

  • Smartphone app controlled
  • Integrated 720p HD camera
  • Ios and Android compatible
  • Live video streaming
  • 50m range
  • Automatic stabilization system 36 minutes flight time per charge

The time has arrived for you to revel in the pure joy of owning your drone! Choose from these drones and place your order ASAP. We gladly welcome you to the limitless world of drones.

Holy Stone x300c

This drone has incorporated the salient features of both the recreational mini-drones and professional quadcopters, making it suitable for beginners as well as skilled pilots.

Equipped with professional 1080P 120degrees Wide-Angle HD camera, this awesome drone allows you to record high-quality videos and take clear, sharp pictures. It includes a 2.4G 4Ch 6-Axis Gyro RTF headless mode along with Google and bonus battery and sports out four brushless engines upgraded with the coreless technology, which prevents them from overheating.

The whole ensemble is powered by a 3.7V 750 mAh lithium-polymer battery that can easily keep the drone in the air for up to ten minutes. Mid-flight stabilization is ensured by a 6-Axis Gyroscopic system coupled with the headless mode that prevents the drone from slipping out of your sight.

Holy Stone x300c - Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Holy Stone x300c

As far as photography and videography are concerned, the Holy Stone x300c sports a 2 megapixel HD CMOS imaging sensor which is capable of recording up to 720p. First person view (FPV) is also featured by this machine. Videos and aerial snaps captured by the camera can either be stored on the internal memory card or can be directly transferred to your smartphone. It also features the phase detection auto-focus technology that compensates for any sudden motion. Moreover, the automatic altitude hold feature makes this machine even more suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots who are still in the process of learning and acquiring the right skills needed to fly a drone.

The Holy Stone X300c is an amazing performer in airspace. It is capable of making 3D rolls, spins, and throttle along with a variety of other drone acrobatics. The controller of the drone combines the strengths of the TX transmitter with an app to help pilot the machine. The drone initializes itself and transmits special wifi signals that can be picked by the transmitter and the phone controller to ease navigation. While the app provides you a first-person view of what your drone hovers over, the TX controller gives you an easy-to-connect access via manual controls and 2.4G connectivity. The combination of the two serves to increase the efficiency of the drone. Since it employs an app for control, minimal training is required to operate the drone thus making it even more beginner-friendly.

This durable drone with a flexible plastic body and some exciting features is sure to make your learning experience fun.

Specs and features

  • Size: 9.1*9,1*8 inches
  • Weighs approx. 2 pounds
  • Equipped with colorful LED lights for night flights
  • RC Distance: between 50 and 100 meters
  • Triple protection
  • Headless mode
  • One key landing
  • Automatic altitude hold

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