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There’s no doubt drone technology is an exciting area both for the ever increasing number of hobbyists, and the people who are using drones commercially. Staying on top of the of the latest drone news, when breakthroughs happen are happening so often, could be something of a challenge. Stepping up to answer this call is Drone Watchdogs, not only a drone news website, but also delivers an exciting mix of reviews, videos, drones and accessories for sale, and a drone user forum. Visitors to Drone Watchdogs have greeted the new site with enthusiasm.


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“We’re a simple drone site that was established by drone users for drone users and other people who are interested in the exciting technology,” commented the owner of Drone Watchdogs. “We’re doing our best to offer real value, and it’s exciting that people are getting behind it, visiting and participating in our forum. We hope that trend continues to grow as our site grows and expands.”

In addition, a big feature of the site is the Drone Watchdog Forum. The forum is very easy to join and has been praised for its vibrancy and well thought out posts. It acts as a very useful resource for people who have a question about a drone, are thinking of purchasing one, or are experiencing a drone issue that they are working on repairing.

Early feedback from users of the site has been very positive across the Board.

About Us
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