How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

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t the edge of a plot of muddy farmland, a few miles down the road from the University of California at Davis, an engineer takes

TOP 5 FPV GOGGLES – Buyer Guide

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TOP 6 FPV GOGGLES What is FPV? First person view, also known as Remote Person View (RPV), or simply video piloting, is a method applied


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TOP 3 NANO DRONES UNDER 100 USD Looking for the coolest beginner nano drones that is affordable, easy to operate, durable and good for both

UPS Has a New Trick to Make Drone Deliveries a Reality

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It will be years before drones routinely deliver paper towels, cereal, and screwdrivers to our doorsteps, if ever. For now, companies are testing whether the


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Some might think there is a wide gulf between unmanned and manned drone pilots, but AOPA believes they are more alike than different. Both groups

Russian Hoverbike Uses Drone Technology to Fly

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Let’s face it: anyone who’s ever seen Return of the Jedi has spent at least a few seconds fantasizing about what it ‘d be like

Heat seeking drone used in search and rescue mission

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At a time when it seems drones can do anything, from executing Amazon deliveries to filming high definition viral videos in remote locations, B.C.’s search

Wisconsin drone pilots face challenges when it comes drone tech

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Green Bay – If you walk into Bill Bongle’s repair shop you will find a graveyard of broken drones, busted cameras and crunched propellers, Bongle

Best drones for filming and photography

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Best drones for filming and photography Most of you must have seen a bird or a plane like something flying not very high in the

Best drones for beginners under 200 USD

Are you mesmerized by the sight of tiny drones buzzing in the air without any human intervention? Well, these petite objects are capable of doing

The best free drone simulator 2017

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Free drone simulator Before you take your new drone out for its maiden flight, it’s a good idea to use a drone simulator to get

Drone racing league coming to Baltimore

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Drones conduct surveillance and airstrikes, take pictures of crops and real estate, and soon may deliver Amazon orders and even pizza. It’s only natural that

Lawmakers wrestle with drone abilities and limits

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The state Legislature is trying to find its way on balancing the public interests affected by unmanned aerial vehicles. The Senate Judiciary Committee was the

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